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Refillable Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges for Refilling Brother, Canon, Epson, HP Inkjet Printers.

Print Head Cleaning Cartridges containing solution for Epson printers for unblocking blocked nozzles

Lubrink Lubricated Lubricant Printer Refill Ink
Lubrink Lubricated Lubricant Printer Refill Ink

Could it be the wrong time to launch a new product like Lubrink? When people are looking to save money in the short term, they may not be too worried about paying a little extra to prevent something that may never happen. However the manufacturers hope that there will still be plenty of users eager to secure their first batch of the specially lubricated ink. Particularly those who have suffered from a blocked print head in the past and have had to scrap an otherwise perfect printer.

Since it's inception in Asia, stocks of Lubrink have been slow to arrive in Europe. There was originally a mix-up with the shipping arrangements; Epson compatible ink being the only type shipped in the container. Fortunately these initial transportation issues are currently being resolved and Brother, Canon, and HP compatible versions will soon hit our United Kingdom shelves.

Lubrink Ink Bottles for Epson

In the beginning this specially formulated printer ink will only be available in 100ml bottles, usually sold in sets of 4 or 6. Eventually 1 Litre versions and even compatible cartridges filled with the product will be on sale. Exciting news for those of us who are not keen on refilling and getting ink on our fingers. Those DIYers out there generally use special refillable cartridges that contain a smart chip that resets itself. They are usually easy to refill without too much mess.

Time will tell whether Lubrink really will save many printers from landfill. The manufacturers are keen to stress that the product does not guarantee against this from happening. But as the ink is only slightly more expensive than cheap compatible refill ink, the gamble is only a small one. And with print quality results supposed to be almost identical to other ink, what is there to lose?


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