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Samsung ML-2168 Monochrome Laserjet Printer Review
Samsung ML 2168 Review

The Samsung ML2168 Mono Laser Jet printer is currently on sale or special offer at various computer chain retailers in the United Kingdom.

Occupying a small desk footprint (L 332 x W 215 x D 178 mm) and designed for the home office, this white laserjet machine has a print resolution of 1200x1200 dots per inch (dpi) and print speeds of up to 20 pages per min (ppm).

Connected is via a high speed USB connection. There is no wireless or network capability on this budget machine. Neither is there any support for communication with mobile devices using AirPrint.

An interesting feature is the Eco Driver which let's you preview a document on screen before printing. This allows you to make adjustments to the output quality without wasting paper on make ready.

The Samsung ML-2168 has a 100 page paper input tray and can handle A4 and A5 sized media. You can also feed through and print on envelopes.

A small capacity 700 page toner cartridge is included in the box. Original genuine replacement toner cartridges cost around £65 each and have a 1500 page capacity. There are no compatible cartridges available for the MLT-D101S / MLT-D101S/ELS model yet as the printer is quite new. To refill them you will need a replacement chip and instructions (also not available at the moment).

This is a fresh looking printer that would look good on a computer desk, however it only comes with a small capacity toner cartridge, and genuine replacement toners are expensive.

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