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HP LaserJet Pro CP1525N Colour Printer Review
HP Laserjet CP1525

In the case the word 'Pro' stands for faster printing, increased productivity, a faster processor capable of handling more data (extra RAM can be found on the web for £9), and a 600x600 print resolution. The 'N' signifies that the HP Laser Jet Pro network ready for wired Ethernet 10/100 connectivity. No wireless however, but a more expensive 'W' model is available from HP.

On installation you are best to download the driver from the HP website as the version on the supplied disk will be out of date. Once the software is installed the printer is easy to set-up and network computers should not have a problem finding this peripheral.

In business we need fast, reliable, and cheap to run printers with decent print quality that require a minimum amount of maintenance. The CP1525N can print 12 black documents or 8 colour pages per minute. In reality the printer is not one of the fastest in its class, but provides adequate speeds for most users.

Print quality is good, especially on bright white paper and card where you will achieve near photographic quality. No need to buy special paper. Colours should be water resistant and smudge free using ordinary paper.

The input paper tray is on the small side with a capacity of 150 A4 sheets. A professional machine should really have a 250 plus capacity! On the plus side however there is a manual feed slot for printing envelopes.

An added bonus in today's fast moving World is the ability to connect to iPhone and iPad mobile devices using the ePrint application. You can set up a dedicated ePrint email address and send date directly to the printer! There was an issue with connecting with Google CloudPrint beta, but this may have been resolved by now?

As usual, the downside to using this machine are the toner cartridge prices; around £50 each for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Replacing all costs more than the initial purchase price of the printer. And with a 2000 page capacity for black (CE320A), and 1300 for the colour toners (Cyan CE322A / Magenta CE323A / Yellow CE324A), a busy office will spend a considerable amount of money on consumables for this machine. There is a way to save toner by changing the print density in the printer properties settings. Change density to -5 instead of the default 0 will save money but quality will suffer as a result.

The consensus of opinion seems to be that this printer is best suited to the home user rather than a busy office. Toner cartridges and paper tray capacities are too small for regular use and other machines offer more at a lower price. For instance the cheaper HP CP1025nw offers almost the same features with an identical print engine.

Update: Cheap Compatible toner cartridge sets are now available from UK suppliers with free next day delivery.


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