Which printer best suits your requirements, offers quality printing and is cheap to run.

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How do you decide on the best printer option when there are so many models available?
Firstly we need to investigate your printing requirements.
What type of things do you print?
Colour photographs, bills / invoices, web pages, school or college work etc.

Printer types usually fall into the following categories...
Multi-function Inkjet and Laserjet (Offering print, scan, and copy facilities.)
A4 Inkjet Photo Printer (No scanner, just a dedicated printer. May or may not have card reader or colour screen?)
A3+ Inkjet Photo Printer (As above but prints larger size media up to A3+.)
Portable Printer (Designed for use with Laptop computers. Small and sometimes powered by a battery pack or USB. Usually more expensive to buy and run.)
Large / Wide Format (A wide carriage for printing on rolls of paper, vinyl, and canvas. Generally used by printing professionals.)

Let's imagine you are best suited to a multi-function inkjet printer! How often do you need to use a printer? Heavy, frequent, or infrequent user?
If you are a heavy or frequent user then you may need to select a make and model that uses cheap printer cartridges.
What is your budget for the initial purchase price of the printer? It is sometimes a good idea to spend a little extra money when initially buying the printer. Note: The cheaper the printer, the more expensive the replacement printer cartridges can be!
Being a heavy or frequent user you are advised to buy a machine that will withstand a certain amount of wear and tear! Maybe also important that it is cheap to run and produces good quality text and images?

This website is designed to help you find the perfect printer for your needs and budget. We will review new machines for print quality, reliability, running costs, and overall value for money. Please keep in mind that our reviews are based on personal opinions and readers are advised to obtain a balanced view by reading different articles from a variety of sources. Good luck in your search!

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